Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

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Photographs from New Zealand (Palmerston North, Tauranga) by Anthony Cole. © 2018 Copyright. All Rights Reserved

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The development of this website is a joint web-development project between Epiphron Ltd and iPansophy Limited. Individual bibliographic items listed on this website have been produced as a result of formal peer review and editing processes associated with affiliate institutions and publishers. The references and publications made available through this website are considered part of the formal international scientific literature. All academic text citations are stored in an Endnote database with attached voucher copies of all relevant primary documents.

Intellectual Property (Copyright)
The full content (i.e. published, unpublished and multimedia) materials of this website are protected by various institutional and private copyrights. In addition, some downloadable and/or multimedia items are protected under Creative Common (Copyright) License. The availability of downloadable files (mainly PDFs) for various bibliographic items and multimedia has been made possible with the written permission of affiliate and partner research institutions. Reports indicated as being under rāhui are not and cannot be made available for download. All downloads are provided for non-commercial, private study and/or research purposes. This means that the use of downloadable and/or multimedia content from this website to make copies for distribution, sale and/or the creation of derivative works is strictly prohibited. In general, each item available for download will contain copyright and specific intellectual property information. Any questions relating to copyright and/or intellectual property should be directed in the first instance to Dr Cole at iPansophy Limited.

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